Why baby cries inside a crib or cot-Baby Hates Crib

With parenting come great responsibilities and if you are a first time parent, it is going to be more challenging for you. Have you noticed that your otherwise quiet and happy toddler suddenly starts to cry and becomes restless as soon as you land them in the crib/ cot? If this is the case with you and your baby, then this article is particularly for you my friend! There are lots of reasons why your little bundle of joy is not able to sleep and relax in the crib. It can be because of the lack of pillows, because your baby is uncomfortable or because of the plastic mattress used in cots as well as cribs. Below are some of the reasons why your tiny tot is finding it difficult to sleep inside a crib.

Reasons why babies cry inside a cot/ crib



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  1. Your baby is not yet used to sleeping in it!

All babies are used to sleeping in their parent’s bed for the first few months and this sudden shifting into their new crib/ cot just puts your little baby in a very absurd situation. Also, babies are very less familiar with their crib because they spend very less time in it and hence they find it uncomfortable to sleep peacefully in it. Even if your baby is crying in the crib, try to spend some time with your child playing and singing in the crib. This will make them realize that the crib is a friendly place for them and they will eventually get used to sleeping in it.

  1. Sleeping in crib hurts their tummy

This is a very uncommon reason for babies to cry inside the cot/ crib but the truth is that some babies do suffer from food allergies as well as refluxes. These conditions make it impossible for them to sleep on their backs. If you try to make your baby suffering from heartburn to sleep in the crib, it will only make him/ her cry profusely. In this case, you can make your baby sleep at certain comfortable angles or swinging them in your arms for sometime can also help.

  1. Your baby does not know how to sleep in a crib

Since your baby is too small to fall asleep on its own, it will require training as well as practice to teach them how to fall asleep on their own. Simply putting your baby in the crib and expecting it to go to sleep just like that is not going to work!! You have to take each step with patience and teach your baby how to fall asleep inside a cot/ crib.

  1. It makes YOU uncomfortable!!

As a parent, it is natural for you to expect the best for your baby. Some parents strongly believe that babies should be in the same room with them. You must understand that babies are very sensitive to their parent’s emotions and this can hinder all your efforts to make the baby fall asleep inside the crib.

The habit of falling asleep inside a crib or cot should be inculcated in the baby right from a very young age. They must get accustomed with it in order to sleep comfortably.