Why do babies cry while breast feeding or bottle feeding-Colic Pain

What is Colic Pain:

Colic is severe pain in the abdomen caused by wind or obstruction in the intestines and suffered especially by babies.

Colic is kind of indigestion in small babies. Colic occurs in early months of a baby. Generally it starts after the few weeks of birth and disappears in 4th month of the baby. There is no difference of colic occurrence between baby boy and baby girl. It can occur in bottle-feed and breast-feed both kinds of babies. As a parent you start thinking that you are not a good parent because your baby is crying so loud and in so much pain, and you cannot do anything for her/him. It is obvious thought because baby crying leads to frustration, anger and desperation. Remember baby’s cry is not your fault, and the baby won’t hurt himself/herself. This is a phase that will pass. Colic is not harmful. It doesn’t leave any effect long term. Babies who have colic eat well, grow normally and gain weight normally too.

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What are the symptoms of Colic Pain:

If your baby cries excessively, very loud, inconsolable and can’t be soothed and if the baby seems healthy otherwise then your baby may be suffering with colic. Colic can start between two weeks to four months old baby. If baby cries generally in afternoon or evening time, cries excessively, cannot be consolable, pulls his/her legs up to his/her tummy and arches his/her back when crying, sleep irregularly and interrupted by crying, feeding is also interrupted by intense crying, baby may be passing wind, and you are unable to find any other reason of his/her crying then you can consider it as colic pain.

What causes Colic Pain:

Colic is nothing but indigestion in babies. But nobody knows the actual reason of colic. But these are observed reasons that can be caused of colic. Change of milk is observed the general reason of colic, whenever Baby is switched to cow milk from formula milk or formula milk from breast milk colic occurs. Overfeeding is also the main reason of colic pain. If baby is sucking wind while feeding then also colic may occur.

Milk allergies are also have same symptoms like colic pain.

What should you do in Colic Pain:

These are some actions you can do to calm while your baby is suffering with colic pain-

  1. Do not overfeed the baby.
  2. Do not change the baby milk.
  3. Some time frequent but less feeding helps in colic.
  4. Pacifier may help you.
  5. Swaddle your baby.
  6. Give more time to your baby.
  7. Give infant massage.
  8. Put warm water bottle on baby’s belly.
  9. Avoid caffeine, milk, onions, cabbage, beans, and broccoli intake if you are breastfeeding mom.
  10. Burp your baby after every feed.
  11. Make sure baby is swallowing air while getting feed. Check the holes in the bottle teats are the right size. If they are too small the baby is likely to swallow more air during each feed.
  12. Don’t give anything else accept milk to your baby to drink.
  13. Try infant swing, it may help.
  14. Give warm bath to your baby.
  15. If you find that your baby is still inconsolable then ask from your pediatrician.