Why my baby is crying while sleep at night

One of our readers asked a question about his new born baby. His question was

Why my baby is crying while sleeping at night”?

Neurological reason- Why Baby cries in night.

Research says that neurological system of new born babies develops with time. In the starting it is quite new. For new born babies their body systems take time to regulate, including their sleep/wake cycles.

New born babies usually have semi-conscious states where it’s hard to decide if they’re asleep or awake. But this state of mind improves over time, and by 3-4 months of age you can see a big improvement in your babies crying while sleeping activity.

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Other possible reason why your baby is crying while sleeping in night

  • One of the possible reasons is your baby is hungry and looking for feed.
  • Your baby is not feeling comfortable with room temperature. New born babies are very sensitive for temperature and they don’t feel comfortable in too hot or too cold room temperature.
  • Your baby’s nappy or diaper is wet or dirty. If it is so then remove it and put a new nappy.
  • Colic pain is also a main reason why usually ‘baby cries’. It is a stomach pain due to gas. Usually babies feel it just after having feed. You must consult with your doctor about it.
  • Your baby is not feeling secure; new born baby want a skin touch (especially from his/her mother), warm hug or cuddle.

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