Why Kids Cry in Public Places-Supermarket?

We all go to malls, supermarkets for various shopping matters. The usual scene there is mothers getting churned between the child and the grocery shopping. This really looks like a blunder sometimes, when the mother is frustrated for not able to complete her regular groceries and the child’s impatience keeps rising every second. Even, rests of the people are judgmental when they are too disturbed by an unwanted customer.

Toddlers are notorious for throwing tantrums, especially at a public place. But, ignoring any other reason, supermarkets are designed to make kids mad, the colored packaging, toys, games and many more. It certainly becomes embarrassing when the child is showing too much of madness for no reasons. Parents do try to convince till the shopping is wrapped–up, but, it’s not easy. I have seen many mothers, who live alone; their kids are more non-public friendly than of those who are still in joint families. The effect of members in the family puts a big impact on a kid’s behavior outside. We cannot change the size of the family but can make our kids more public friendly.

why kids cry in supermarket

Image Credit Flickr By Tracitodd

Supermarket is one of those places where there is completely not familiar crowd. The basic reason why kids cry in supermarket is “feeling insecure”. When kids feel that they can’t control their surroundings, they feel insecure and supermarkets are full of such unrecognizable people.

Kids feel uncomfortable if they are feeling sleepy, hungry or if a place of dress is proving itchy, and it’s difficult for them to express it in words. They simply can’t function normally in any of these situations and then an aggressive reaction is normal. They struggle at a public place till they get what they wanted.

Kids cry because they found there too much things interesting and they cannot control their desire to have them. Convince your child to take only one thing in a day. Trained them to stop asking for anything to buy when they already have bought something for themselves, it can be their favorite toy snack or favorite ride etc.

Parenting is an easiest situation in this world to judge or give opinions about but, most difficult to handle. We make decision in a second when we see kids crying and screaming at any public place, it’s a life struggle for any mother. There are some suggestions people have shared for dealing with kids at places like supermarkets, like:

  1. When kids become emotionally charged, they can’t think. They are not satisfied with your attempts of giving things to stop them crying in public. They need to get closer to you when they suddenly see many unfamiliar faces. So, hold your child in arms and keep talking to him while taking groceries.
  2. We should remember that our society shows more of disapproval than approving the kids’ crying, tantrums or stubbornness in crowd. They make angry faces towards the mother, but, try and practice to ignore it all the time with your child. The reason is, all the humans in this world have been kids, and it’s natural that they must have been at the same psychological stage in their early years. So, no need to feel embarrassed, your child is not alone.
  3. Kids are not terrorists that they will harm anyone; they are more innocent than anybody in this world. Take some time to chill, before just thinking of your grocery and make your kid get involved with his favorite toy available in the place. This relieves kid from tensions and feeling of insecurity.
  4. Treat your child well; know his all the expressions which need your attention and understanding at different places. The kid may cry of small reasons like hunger and sleep. Take back your turn to home, move your cart in the corner and take the right step to keep him calm. Listen to your kid, before it is too far to realize.

There are many strategies you might want to adopt when your kid is in public, take them as opportunities to learn for your kid’s love.