Why My Baby Cries in the Morning

It often happens that mothers of infants face a constant trouble with their baby waking up crying in the morning. This sure is a matter of concern for a mother and is something that is often frustrating. However, finding the right reason behind may help you to solve this problem or avoid it altogether. Practically speaking the reasons can be from anything like leaky diaper to change in body temperature from hot to cold or vice versa. These reasons may be normal but often lead to a baby waking up crying. The simple solution to it may be changing and feeding at the right time.

Why My Baby Cries in the Morning

Image Credit Flickr by Oleg Sidorenko

There is one other reason that is related to crying in morning, it is related to their sleep associations. Often these are the sleep cycles that a baby goes through. It is possible that a simple reason like the falling out of pacifier may frustrated the baby and result in crying.

Another reason can be taking up the habit of going to sleep by rocking, if you are the one who rocks the baby to sleep then it is possible that the moment they are up they realize the fact and began crying. Crying in crib is often the result of mother not being near to rock or suckles the baby.

Leading factors that lead to crying

  • Inappropriate sleep schedule that involves parents not setting the right time for the baby to sleep. Often overlooking the sleep time or letting the baby stay up even when it is their bedtime is what messes up their system.
  • Inconsistent routine or scheduling leading to sleep problem.
  • Medical problems those are not eminent in the early stages.
  • Short timings of sleeping or taking naps that get finished early instead of lasting longer.
  • Transition of sleep and moving around a lot may lead to the baby getting tired and often it happens when the baby is ready to sleep and you are unaware of it.

Other reasons behind crying can be visible these are:

  • Teething trouble, this often makes the baby irritable and lead to disturbances in sleep. You can overcome it by offering cool water to the baby, giving a teething ring or a cold flannel to help them take a bite on.
  • Nappy trouble can be another reason, either it is too wet or uncomfortable that is irritating the baby. Whenever possible let the baby be free or have an off time. Put a clean towel underneath. Let the skin breathe.
  • Irritability and moodiness, this is all with the reason of not being able to feel comfortable either physically or not being able to relax. What you can do is sing or tell a story to the baby.
  • Setting aside a right bed time will determine the right sleep pattern of the baby. This will help the baby to wake up fresh and happy in mornings.
  • Keeping a check on the body temperature of the baby is something that will help you understand if the irritability and crying in morning is due to this reason. If this is then check with the paediatrician.

Your baby may need constant attention and your proximity; however, it is advisable that at times you need to train your infant to be able to have some time apart from you. Often it is said that the baby should be able to stay some time away from the mother in order to adjust on their own.