New born babies ranging from zero to three months of age has different cries. Different cries have different meaning from one another all together. In all varied cries, baby is trying to communicate something, thus it is very important for the mother to understand each of their crying. It is known fact that before getting upset babies tries to communicate their needs and if those are not fulfilled or understood then they hysterically cry which can’t be understood. It is always better to predict the pre-cry of the babies as this will give you better idea about their wants. People might think about how to understand different types of baby crying. In order to solve the whole situation, here we are with 5 different types of baby crying namely Neh, Owh, Heh, Eair, and Eh.

Understanding these baby cries seems to be little difficult task but then people can easily differentiate between them.

  • Neh: This cry defines that the baby is hungry and he or she wants breast feeding. At this moment of time the baby start kicking and his or her tongue touches the upper roof of the mouth enabling Neh sound.
  • Owh: This sound signifies that the baby is feeling sleepy and he or she wants to take some rest now. The baby reflex by opening up his or her mouth indicating rest.
  • Heh: This sound implies that the baby is feeling discomfort like he or she is feeling cold, itchy, needs a new diaper, need a new positioning in which to lie etc. Heh should not be confused with Neh so the mother should listen to baby cries cautiously.
  • Eair: It is very difficult to compare this sound with the other sounds discussed above as it literally means lower gas. In such cases the reflex’s that are shown by the baby are pulling up his or her knees, pulling it up and out. The mother should try to understand this by the baby face and body which shows discomfort at regular intervals.
  • Eh: This sound implies that “Burp me please”. This should not be confused with Neh and Heh sound. Mother should concentrate on initial sounds that the baby makes. The sound is “Eh, ehhhhhh”. It is advisable to listen to these sounds on videos so as properly distinguish between them and to understand your baby better.

Some notable things for all mother’s who wants best care for their child:

  • If the baby cries loud than means that he or she wants something on urgent basis and further needs mother’s attention right away.
  • It gets very difficult when the cries get louder so it is advisable to interpret the cry as early as possible. This is the warning that is given by some of the experts in this field so should be utmost importance.

Parents should always remain calm and compose at all time. They should not get panic, complain or annoy others rather they should try to understand the different baby cries to communicate and or understand their needs in a better way. The types of cry vary from anger to pain to basic cry. The side effect of cry can be lump in the throat of the crier. It is easy to understand the cry of one’s own child rather than the other person’s child. At the time of baby cry the mother should try to put his or her baby at the utmost comfort level as possible by understanding their feelings and wants. Sometimes you can observe that the child just stops crying once the mother picks him or her up that is boredom means a “fake cry”. At last we can say to all mother’s that understand your child cry, don’t feel panic, stay calm and always remember that child is just like a gift of god to them.

We hope that all things which are mentioned above are completely understandable and will be followed whenever any such situation arises. If you have any queries related to the same please do let us know in the comments section below.

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