Sometimes you feel that it is very stressful experience when you change your baby’s diaper because she cries a lot at that time. Babies generally have some message when they cry. Generally they want to convey something to us but the need is to understand them. There are so many reasons of baby crying, but if the baby is quiet otherwise and cries only when changing the diaper and stops when it is done then the reason would be:

  1. Baby is feeling too wet due to wet and poopy diaper:

    If the baby diaper is too wet or poopy then cry can be a signal to change the diaper. This cry can continue while changing diaper. You can reduce your baby crying by changing her diaper regularly, for example you can change it after every feed or within every 2-3 hours. Don’t wait for poopy smell or heavy wet diaper signals.

  2. Baby is feeling cold when remove cloths:

    If your baby hates having her nappy changed, then probably she doesn’t like to feel cold air on her skin. Feel your baby’s tummy, if it is cold then wrap her with one more sheet and if it is too warn then remove one layer from the baby. Don’t overdressed your baby, just wrap her with one more layer in count then you be to be comfortable.

  3. Baby is having rashes at diaper area:

    If baby is having rashes at the diaper area then it would be painful for her when you change her diaper. Take care of her diaper rashes. You can reduce the chances of diaper rashes if you change her diaper more frequently before her feeling wet. Whenever you change the diaper clean her with a wet hygienic cotton cloth or wipe. If baby is having rashes then apply some rash cream, gel or powder to sooth her. Never leave your baby with dirty diaper even for a minute. Rashes can be possible due to tight cloths also.

  4. Baby needs you to play with her:

    Babies often cry because they want to be held and played with. All babies need lots of cuddling, physical contact and reassurance to comfort her. When you change the diaper, baby may think that you come to pick her up and got disappointed when you didn’t do so.

  5. Diaper is uncomfortable:

    If the diaper is too tight that could also the reason of baby crying. Try to loosen up the diaper or use some other kind of diapers.

  6. Feeling disturbed:

    May be she is feeling disturbed in her sleep or some play that is why she is crying. Try to give her some favorite toy and engage her in something else. It would be helpful to calm her at happy changing time and make for you easy to clean her.

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