I got twin babies when one cries, the other cries too. Why both babies cry at the same time? This scenario is common when nursing twins.

Babies have the birth right to cry. It’s obvious that if your baby is uneasy with anything, like; clothes, hunger, sleep, beddings etc, will cry. All the parents get worried when their baby cries and is suddenly surrounded by the people trying to woo the child increasing the household entertainment. In case of twins, it’s a little difficult because generally, they cry together, fight together and want everything together and demands are plentiful. But yes, twins do lose their stubbornness early and don’t have tough demands as their parents learn to ignore and giving them time to soothe themselves. This doesn’t mean that your role is easy; in fact, your multiples multiply your responsibilities for creating a good mom career.

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It’s a multi-tasking job, from feeding to understanding. It may not be a paying job, but its worth is more than what you can expect.

  1. Sometimes, parents feel that their multiples always cry of the same problem, it may not be true. The other baby may be annoyed that his sibling is either disturbing him or is afraid of something, so the other one also cries.
  2. Silently playing is not in the dictionary of the twins. They will trouble you if they see the other one playing with a toy not available to his side. Toys do raise the issues between them and the snatching and crying continues.
  3. Twins can show tears when felt insecurity. This becomes older with age if not handled in time.
  4. You can find your twins trying to grab the dresses also, feeling the other one attractive.

Twins have the ability to make their moms be on their toes and can also prove to be the cutest double flavor of entertainment. If you have been working pretwins, and regretting the thought of going back to work. Being a woman and then a mother is the greatest responsibility a woman can handle. Cherish your twins with some extra care and suggestions:

  1. If both babies cry at the same time, try to console one and the other one may stop crying himself.
  2. Make a habit of sleeping them in one cot. This helps each to feel less frightened of being alone.
  3. Get them seated together in front and play equally like passing the toy or the ball one-by-one. If one baby is awake, play with other until he is ready for the naptime.
  4. If want to dress up, lie your babies on your lap, swaddle one, it works
  5. During feed hour, get the other baby playing with a musical toy and finish calmly feeding the first one. Check out these baby exersaucers, this will keep them occupied while you feed them.
  6. If you are tired or stressed, try to sleep with the twins, it somehow helps you to have a sound sleep like your babies. Take your twins for a walk outside, it makes them sleep quicker and happier.
  7. Some mothers can nurse and feed the twins at the same time at that’s truly amazing. This requires a lot of health and patience. Maintain feeding formula and nursing with your own health care.
  8. Don’t try to always keep them in arms; it spoils your health and their habit too. Hang two swings in a safe place in your house and see them enjoying as they grow.
  9. Some kids offset each other, if one starts crying, the other one will just look around quietly. But, still provide equal attention by making lovable faces to other while trying to handle the first.
  10. While going out, get used to people asking you “Are they twins?” It may extract some aggression in you, but, no need to get annoyed. Feel special every time you face a question like this.
  11. Some parents like dressing their twins same, it’s not so important showing them as identical in public, try to show their individualities by different and cute dresses.
  12. Try to resist your expectation and comparison of thinking your twins to grow with similar qualities and features; don’t be vigorous if one of your kids doesn’t respond to your instructions when the other one does. It’s natural absolutely. Work hard on raising good children rather similar kids.
  13. The level of exhaustion is very high while bringing up the twins; try to hire someone to come at home to complete your sleep.

With twins, it’s a different parenting challenge especially when both babies cry at the same time. Achieve it with your bundle of joy and care and see it gets better. You can learn more about your twins here.

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