Why Do Babies Cry

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All babies cry, it is absolutely normal. Most babies cry about one hour to three hours daily.

But it is tough, frustrating and make you upset when you feel that you are unable to stop her crying. You may be worried that something is wrong with your baby, and you start feeling that your parenting skills are not up to the job, you cannot connect to your baby. But you can handle it by keeping in mind that babies cry with reason.

Babies are dependent on you for food, warmth and comfort. They cry because this is their way to communicate you that they need attention weather for food or for diaper change or any other comfort.

It is sometime hard to understand your baby’s need, but in time you learn to recognize your baby’s need. And with the time your baby will also learn the other ways to tell about her needs and will less cry to get attention.


There could be many reasons for baby crying, here are some:

Hunger: The first thing comes in your mind is this. If your baby smacking of lips, turns her head toward your hand when you stroke her cheek, and putting her hands to her mouth it means she is hungry. These were some signs of hunger. Your baby is so small so that her tummy is also very small to hold very much a long. If you are formula feeding then give milk to your newborn in every 2 hours.

Wet diaper: May be the diaper is too wet or poopy. Cry can be a signal to change the diaper. You can reduce your baby crying by changing her diaper regularly, for example you can change it after every feed or within every 2-3 hours. Don’t wait for poopy smell or heavy wet diaper signals.

Colic: Colic is another reason of baby crying, this is a stomach discomfort which bother babies a lot. Generally colic pain exists in 0-3 month’s babies. First try burping your baby more often. You can also reduce gas by massaging her tummy gently or pedaling her legs. If baby is still crying then consult the doctor and give some medicine to your baby for colic.

Sleep: Sometimes babies cry for sleep especially when they are over tired.

Too cold or hot: If your baby hate having her nappy changed or being bathed, then probably she doesn’t like to feel cold air on her skin. Feel your baby’s tummy, if it is cold then wrap her with one more sheet and if it is too warn then remove one layer from the baby. Similarly if the baby doesn’t like to be bathed then probably bath water temperature is not ok. Don’t over dressed your baby, just wrap her with one more layer in count then you be to be comfortable.

Tight cloths: Check if your baby’s clothes are not too tight or she is overdressed. If yes change it immediately. Sometimes any string or hair wrapped tightly around her little toe or finger bother her. Some babies are sensitive for some cloth fabric; try to use only 100% cotton clothes for your baby.

Need to burp: If your baby cries after feeding then maybe she needs to burp. Babies swallow air while feeding, so it is a good habit to help your baby in burping after feeding.

Need to be held: Babies often cry because they want to be held and played with. All babies need lots of cuddling, physical contact and reassurance to comfort her. In this case just be close to your baby and give her some secure feeling.

Teething: Crying may be a sign that she is teething. Teething can be painful because sharp teeth coming through sensitive gums. Give something to chew to your child to make her calm. Use good teethers.

Sickness: Babies cry to say that there is something wrong with her. If you checked all above things then check her temperature, maybe she is not well. Try to observe her body language. She could be suffered with ear pain or gas pain etc. Trust your instincts and call or see a doctor.

After effect of vaccination: Babies could feel low after vaccination. Give proper medication and make her comfortable.

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