Hey, I am not a cry baby! Yes that’s true. All babies don’t cry for hunger. It is a myth that all babies will cry when feeling hungry, it’s just not mandatory. Many parents assume that crying means their baby is hungry, but it actually depends upon baby to baby just like some adults are more vocal than others, the same is true with babies. They may need low maintenance, like to be quiet and are easily self-entertained. You should just feel lucky.

In fact, babies have no need to cry if all his needs are met before they become distressed about needing something. Here credit goes to you that you’re just a really good parent! Take pride in your ability to provide for your child before he needs to cry,

So let them be happy they grow up too fast anyway.

And contrary Crying is not bad too, it is also perfectly okay, if your baby cries when hungry because they all have different ways of expressing their inner feelings. Babies cry because they cannot talk. Babies are human beings, and they have needs and desires, just as we do, but they can’t express them. Their cries are the only way they can say, ‘Help me! Mom, I am feeling hungry’

Cues: When Baby Is Hungry?

Every mother wants to be sure that her baby is fed and content – no-one would ever want their baby to go hungry. Unfortunately babies cannot tell us if they are hungry with words, but babies do have hunger cues which can help you to give your baby what he or she needs.

So, here are some cues to know when to feed your baby-

  • Sucking on lips, tongue, hands, fingers, toes, toys etc, whatever they have in hand or near-by.
  • Opening and closing mouth.
  • Hitting you on the arm or chest repeatedly.
  • Breathing fast and fussing.
  • Moving head from side to side.
  • Crying
  • Making sucking motions with the lips.
  • If you touch the side of your baby’s head, and he/she turns that way, looking for something to suck, then you will know that your baby is hungry.
  • Rooting for the breast.

Still Unsure If Baby Is Hungry?

If you suspect that your baby is hungry but you are unsure, there is no harm in offering a feed. Especially if you are breastfeeding, putting your baby to the breast not only feeds your baby if he is hungry, but also it helps your breastmilk supply and can comfort and reassure your baby. Like this you are not getting your baby into any bad or needy habits.

Just enjoy the phase of parenting, soon you will find yourself so tuned with the baby that you can easily know when and what they want. And do not forget –

“From small beginnings come great things”

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